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Episode 23: Paying for College Part 1 of 2

Episode Summary

How do you pay for college? Cameron Morgan with A&I Financial Services explains to the experts some great info about how 529 plans really work. Make sure the IRS doesn't charge you taxes or penalties—hint 1009Q and 1098T. Learn about how much people actually receive from outside resources including scholarships, merit aid, grants, the Colorado Opportunity Fund and more. Learn why it is often better to apply to a lower-ranked school than the best school—be strategic! Learn about the pros and cons of using a Roth IRA for college—and whose Roth IRA, kid’s, parents or grandparents. Learn about how even $50 in a kid’s college fund might be able to increase their chances of going to college. Learn how you can get your money out of a 529 plan if your student gets a scholarship or other financial aid. Learn about how being eccentric and not well-rounded can help you. And make sure to hang out for the Holy Cow! moment with Cameron as she shares a great secret. Plus, check out the show-notes with “Having the College Money Talk with Your Kids” and a link for a free consultation.