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Episode 20: Pivoting in the Pandemic-Creating New Opportunities with Mike Miller, CPA

Episode Summary

Mike Miller, CPA, explains how today's economic shutdown can actually help a business owner find new and profitable opportunities. In his own company, Mike is pivoting towards providing business owner advice. Many companies were overwhelmed with the work required to maintain their businesses during the economic shutdown. Some business owners lacked financial statement literacy. Many owners want a financial dashboard, so they can pull the right levers and get the biggest return on their invested dollars. Mike's team provides consultation that explains things in an easy-to-understand way. His goal is to help owners make business financial planning enjoyable and productive as opposed to tax preparation, after the fact, when it is too late. Learn about the new ways he is doing business, including managing people remotely, and new service packages Mike provides--saving taxes across state lines. Learn how Mike hired a coach, and some advice for hiring a business coach. As the economy recovers, some businesses will come out roaring! Perhaps your company could benefit too!